About Joe

My music is created with the single goal of reaching people. I believe songs have a way of touching people and reaching their hearts in a way no other medium can. I create my music to prompt people to search deeper for God’s truths and help them understand their place on Earth. I put all my passion, effort and hard work into creating music that sparks discussion within the individual and helps them rediscover their true meaning and self.

Finally, my music is my testament to my love for God. I give everything to God, and I praise and glorify Him above all.


My path didn’t start with music at first. I was born and raised in South Florida and went to college straight after school. The events of 9/11 had just unfolded and halfway through my first semester I felt a sudden urge to serve my country. I wanted to help others and I decided to join the United States Marine Corps, where I served for 4 years as an expeditionary airfield technician.

Even though my job had nothing to do with music, I have always felt drawn to it. During the Marine Corps training after boot camp, I was in Pensacola, Florida, and had just saved enough for a microphone, a laptop and pre-amp. During the course of my training, I re-discovered my love for music, while developing a total of 10 songs in this short period.

Once my time with the Marine Corps was finished in 2008, I went to work in the private sector. I had met and married my beautiful wife Veronica while serving, and we finally had a time to start a family together. We focused on each other and I found work in the private sector, where I was happy for 5 years, until one day I heard a Christian rapper on the radio. Immediately, his music sparked my interest and I thought to myself, “I could do that”.

I dug out my microphone and music equipment, sat in a chair and started writing. Before I knew, I had material for 15 full songs. After the production and recording, I uploaded them onto YouTube and itunes.

During this time, my wife Veronica was pregnant with our fourth and, a year later, our fifth child. I felt torn between my love for music and my love for my family, and decided to focus solely on my wife and children. However, my family has always been extremely supportive of my passion and, less than 2 years after my last child was born, I decided to make a comeback.

I started with writing my own lyrics, making my own beats and everything that comes with it. My music is more than just a way to express myself - it’s a way to show the world who I am and what I value the most, and inspire others to rediscover themselves and their connection with God.

Currently, I’m in the process of developing my second studio album. Even though it’s difficult to find the time and balance my professional and family life, I have been fortunate enough to receive all the support I need from my wife and children. I want to share my love for music with you and to help you understand the process behind every single song I make. Join me in this journey through life!


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