About Joe

Music Manifesto
I intend for my music to reach peoples hearts, in a way other mediums cannot.
I pray to God that he uses my music to prompt people to search deeper for his truth,
and why God put them on this earth, at this time.
I hope that my music sparks discussion in the individual who listens to it.
I give everything to God, and I praise and glorify him above all.

I was born and raised in South Florida. After high school I went to college for one semester but 9/11 recently happened and I felt an urge in my heart to serve our country. So I joined the United States Marine Corps. I served for four years as an expeditionary airfield technician and while I was in the Corps I got married to my beautiful wife Veronica. 
I have always loved music and made some while I was in high school. Through the duration of my training in the Marine Corps after boot camp, when I was in Pensacola Florida I had saved up just enough money to buy myself a microphone, laptop and pre-amp.
I made a total of about 10 songs through the course of the training on my off time and it really developed a love for music in my heart.
I got out of the Marine Corps in 2008 and went back to work in the private sector. Five years goes by and I randomly heard a Christian rapper and I thought "I could do that."
So I went to the box where my microphone had been collecting dust and took it out and started to write lyrics. Before I knew it I had about 15 songs. I uploaded them all to YouTube and was very surprised that one of my songs had more than 100 views after a couple weeks. The further I got into it the more I loved it. At the height of this time my wife was pregnant with our fourth child. I discerned it was probably time to put it away until the children got to be a little bit older. About a year after she delivered to our fourth child we found out she was pregnant with our fifth. This was a happy surprise and I would sacrifice music for children any day of the week. A year and a half after we gave birth to our fifth child I decided to make a comeback.
So I started writing lyrics making beats and everything that comes with it.
This is where the timeline connects with you. I'm in the process of making my second studio album and hope to keep making music after that. Although it is tough to fit all of these extracurricular things in my life with my wife and children God always provides the time somehow. Most people have no idea how much goes into one song no matter what genre you are in. For me to make one song is a miracle nonetheless an album.
So I thank God for everything he has given me and I pray never to let music become my God. Please enjoy this Journey through life with me and pray God continues to allow me to do what I love to do.



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