Give It All Away

Give It All Away lyrics

Verse 1

Are we living in the good life or dying slow

And do we live with happiness or think we are but no

If You could take us back to past would we go

or would we live for now with what we have I don't know


It's going to take God

to come and diagnose

us, with what I think we have

a case of comfortable


Cuz we don't want to go against the way the stream will flow

and tell the world our thoughts,

of how the world should go


but I think it's time we step out of our little comfort zone

don't worry be a warrior and hang it out to show

this world what we know is right and what has been revealed to our hearts

we would rather shout it out and die alone and we go


Oh oh ohh

Let it blow away

Cuz we don't have it all

They can take what they want from us, it's there's

So give it all away


Oh oh ohh

Let it blow away

Cuz we don't have it all

They can take what they want from us, it's there's

So give it all away


oh oh oh

We are who we are


Verse 2

Sometimes I feel like we are just trying to stay afloat

Sometimes I feel like we are slowly sinking in a boat

a ball and chain around our neck to take us to the floor

but this is when we stand up time for us to row


Against the force that's pulling us telling us we don't

have the fire that it takes to take a stand up on our own

People say what they will say we don't ever let it go

we treat it like the law like it was written into stone


Our hearts have got it twisted to hang on to the only

negative and then throw just away the positive kudos

Just a part of us I know

but it's time to let it go

let the haters hate man we'll let them hit us low


So here we are just take us and throw us all your stones

Take us and make us out to what you think you know

but The more the haters hate on us the more that we all know

that Jesus is the king everything else is below

and we go..



Oh oh ohh

Let it blow away

Cuz we don't have it all

They can take what they want from us, it's there's

So give it all away


Oh oh ohh

Let it blow away

Cuz we don't have it all

They can take what they want from us, it's there's

So give it all away


oh oh oh

We are who we are

I've Seen


I have seen this world in better days and I've seen the light keep on fading out
I'm lost and unworthy of Your grace
It's what I need but the clock keeps on ticking on


I've been down the gauntlet
Been and seen more than I wish I did
I'm a product of my sins
I'm a foolish loser work in progress


Eminem sound alike, I've been called it
They said drop your voice 1 octave

and raise the pitch to your tone,

don't crop it I'm not gonna lie,

it's a source of conflict

But it's not gonna stop me from

chasing the truth in the gospel and all of its content
An impossible cause in the day where

God is reduced all the way to a concept

So whatchoo doin in this Godless age
Ridin the concourse train
Enjoying the view with Cain
Better jump now and pray



2nd verse
Father, look what I've accomplished, nothing
without you I'm lost and a broken mess

that's why I need You Jesus lead me to holiness

and give me the wisdom and common sense
to do the right thing when it's not the best
way to make friends that this world accepts
guide my heart through the swamp I swim

And lift me up, below the rest

so can serve them just like You did
I just want to do exactly what You said

serve this world so that they can live

And lead me through this valley of death
so I can lean on you when I can
when I get to the end of the life I lead
You took me to places I dare not tread



3rd Verse
Jesus, have mercy on me a sinful man
I need your help to lift me up when I fall
and stand up tall
and honor and praise You above all

Forgive me the sins that I've already done
tell me what You wish of me and what You want
give me the task and I'll get it done

no matter the circumstances to come

I'll surround myself with holiness
We can we can overcome this loneliness
That I feel in a world full of hopelessness
I need a can of your grace can u open it?


And give me the sword of a warrior

and the armor of love hope peace and courage
Fill my quiver with arrows that burn
To protect myself on this earth that I sojourn

Final Hook

Shout It Out

They are selling baby body parts and laughing all the way to the bank 
it's all going to change when they feel the wrath of the masses who have half a brain for not seeing this for what it was when they reigned
All good things must come to an end but somethings should've never been started in the first place
You can shout you were abortion now but you'll be answering for that and you need some help
Let me spell it out for you now how can you take such a negative and try to turn it into a positive account
You can't you won't you don't you're not elitists so quit trying to force it down our throat were not your fetus
And believe me I know I'm in danger when I put this out
Trying to get the word out that your murder routes take a different path than the normal type of killers who do it and don't feel the need to go and shout it out
And I'm not here to attack Mrs. Richards
 just the fact that Planned Parenthood is a pernicious subset entity and it needs to be extinguished before another baby suffers dies and disintegrates
Into the chambers of history and a little hearse slavery was bad but this is even worse the concentration camps were condemned and no one sees that this is legalized and condoned by Pelosi
They do this in the name of freedom barbaric procedures
 being apart of the evil heathens and they change the wording from an infant to a fetal tissue sample that they use for science experiments and it's all good because it's not illegal
But even that's not enough for the savages they had to go and sell the waste bags and packages of baby body parts blood sacks and decapitated cadavers of half alive babies that were massacred
And I'm not trying to be a part or a passenger on a train that's driving through the culture of death
You better get your ducks in a row before the master of the universe appears that your desk
And I'm not pointing any fingers I'm affiliated with Original Sin just as much as the next dude
All I'm saying is to watch your back God can only judge you 
when that day comes what you going to say to him

10'000 Reasons

God, Give me some faith,
give me the faith that you gave to the Saints
give me the strength that I need to attain
the keys to your kingdom I need them TODAY
just take me away, take me away
take me from things that I can't see or change
and thank you for caring for me every time you carried me
and got me through the barrier that was blocking me from clarity
cuz my faith isn't built on shifting sands
or on the whims and fancies of men's commands
or of the times that change now and things that can't
or of the culture that we live in, its a season man
my faith is biult on the rock of Christ
which is a concrete block of ice
so bless my soul and I'll walk the line
but I'm lost and untill I rest in you then I'm dying
Will you have me
will you forgive me
will you take my hand and guide me home
me home me home me home
So guide me home 
Ill walk by faith
cuz you've paved my road
you've tied my lace and you paid my toll
you gave me grace and the faith I own
Today I know that one day I'll go
up to the place that you made you're home
and maybe one day you crown St. Joe
the second, in God's eyes anything is possible
so bless my heart and bless my throat
bless my eyes and everyone I know
bless my family and bless our globe
and everything that I own bless my soul

Unborn Angels

Don't worry little baby this is your guardian angel speaking to you through the womb
I've been assigned to you
God told me that I'm supposed to be safe 
keeper and free you from the danger that may find you
Well the danger is here and some pain is too
Id thought you'd be safe inside your mom's womb but your not
You may be laying in a tomb. This may be last day that you came to
So don't worry little baby Ill hold you in my arms,
We'll say a little prayer cause I think its gonna start
Soon you'll be with God he can fix your broken heart
He'll put love in your bottle cause he knows that you are starved
Now I know that your mommy said you were unplanned, 
Must have not seen what was in God's plan its in Gods hands now you can not stop that,
the life that he sent to her has just been shot back.
Don't worry little baby Ill take you by the hand
Ill free you from the pain and I'll guide you to the lamb
Don't be sad with your mother she just doesn't understand
that your alive when the seed was planted in the sand
Rockabye baby, unborn angels, God is with you now.
Your in a better place then this ole' world now
So spread your wings and fly away.
Mommy mommy listen to my heart beat please give me birth and someone can adopt me. 
You are the driver and I am in the car seat, my life will begin when you turn on the start key
and not on the stop key its not gonna stop me from calling you mommy, mommy
and I love you no matter what you call me, a money pit yea that mistake will be costly
and I know that I'm just the product of a rape.I know that I'm the victim of a drug case
but it still doesn't change the fact that i'm made, Im as alive as you were at this pregnancy stage.
6 months 12 months and 2 years old, I promise that you'll never regret to see me grow
Tea ball seesaws' and on to preschool. The sequel to your life I'm as equal as you.
Mommy I'm as real as it gets, i twist in your hips and i flip with my legs. I hiccup and i stick my 
fist in your chest. Don't you see the outline of my foot in your flesh.
Rockabye baby, unborn angels, God is with you now.
Your in a better place then this ole' world now
So spread your wings and fly away.
We all make mistakes, everything will be alright. God has mercy on us, there is no reason to cry. 
This life will pass you quicker than you can blink an eye, soon you'll be together with that precious little guy.
And when you reunite with him you can tell him that you waited your whole life 
to see his little smile, couldn't wait to snuggle with him cuddle intertwined the deepest 
love you have together nothing breaks the binds. Wipe your tears and do gone with that chapter in your life, 
its done and its time for you to shew and move on. Its just too much for you to carry in your trunk. 
Soon you'll see him, i assure you'll bury him in love. Jesus was with you during that bad time.
He stayed up with you when you cried that night, and every time after. The saddest divide. 
The Master of Mercy is Passion of Christ. An abortion is serious exclamation point (!) and sign(&) asterisk (*) murderous. 
And I'm gonna fight against it until the end of my existence. And i am not dead comma(,) yet period(.)

Divine Intervention feat. Amanda Kristin

 Divine Intervention
Verse 1:
He sits at the kitchen table twiddlelin' his thumbs
He twittered all his friends to come and get his stuff
He just put a status as the kid that never one
He dosn't understand his life and what it has become
His Mom is at the grocery store his dad is out to lunch
His sisteres at the college where he was suppose to go this month
He stands up and he gets his stuff he's rollin to the bus
Heleft a love you letter undernieth his brothers cup
He wondered if they'de miss him or if summer would be tuff
without him hoverin' around their rumegin through stuff
a life long journey and its only been six months
a wheel chair tube fed the doctor said its luck
The doctor said hes lucky but he'll never walk agian 
He lost his faith in God after that football accident
Nfl running back ya his friends predicted him 
He had a full ride scholarship to Texas A & M
He's sittin on the bus and its headed to the bridge
The San Francisco Bay cuz that'll only be a six
point two second fall ya that will do the trick
That will take away the pain he feels from deep within
If their is a God he better come and get him please
Cuz He's about to meet him unless someone intervenes
Hes crying now the tears are just a streaming down his cheaks
all the pain that he has felt is just about to hit the peak
He sat next to a nun who was praying with some beads
the lady in the front holds a baby in her seat
the driver plays some music while the man in backs asleep
nobody notices the kid that crying full of grief
He departed from the bus and he rolled across the street
No one is around so thats a perfect place to leap
He struggled out his wheelchair and he stumbled to his feet
He stood up on the rail so he could jump into the sea
He put his hands inside his pocket took a breath and felt the breeze
but sumthin in his jeans caught his finger like a string
He pulled it out attached to it was fifty little beads
the one that the nun had the final puzzle piece
Attached to it a bible verse a passage of the seen
and the life of Jesus Christ he's the path to all our peace
He fell back from the rail and collapsed to his knees
He converted on the spot back to where he needs to be
Chourus : 
My God can I give you this Cross
would you take it away cuz I cant bare the weight
I promise that I'll be much stronger next time
but let your Holy will be done
Verse 2
She stepped into the elevator pushed the button down 
she was headed to the top cuz that was furthest from the ground
She said her life was like a circus it just circled all around
she was the featured act the monkey gymnist and the clown
The minister from church was gone he was out of town
He is who she talked to when everything went south
Her Uncle Benny is to sick for her to talk about
the loss of both her parents and her living there withou them
Her dad died in a crash and her mommy did too
she twenty five now that was back in ninty two
the fact is that she lost her faith in God when that insued
she asked him why it happened but he never gave a clue
She left a love you letter in the kitchen on the stool
she leaves behind a sister two brothers and a poodle
She moved to urban city but she grew up in the rural
shes runnin' from the pain I say pain as in the plural
The loss of her mother nothin could be worse
the only thing she kept of hers was just a little purse
She never looked inside it she's afraid that it would hurt
She wasn't supersticious but she didnt want the curse
She struggled with the latch but she got the lock to move
She opened up the hatch and stumbled out onto the roof
she mumbled to herself if their is a God to prove himself
because the sand inside the hour glass is running through
and the time between her life and death was running on a fume
she looked down at the street and uttered ya that'll do
the pain runneth deep as the ache runs through 
her veins and it makes her enraged one two wait
she only brought her phone, her license and her mothers purse
she went to put her ID in it that would be a first
she slowly unzipped it untied the little ribbon
what was in it saved her life from riding in a herse
A little Jesus card it said take away my pain
her mother must of put their before she passed away
Save me from my weakness I just need a litlle strength
He died for my sins so his cross i will take
suddenly a shot of grace shot all through her veins
she fell back from the rail thanked God and gave him praise
She took her mothers purse and put it right on her shoulder
Divine intervention her life was not over

God Bless America

God Bless America
God bless this territory
God bless the citizens and God bless the military
God bless the freedom that we have been given 
and let us never take it for granted that we are living in it
God bless the documents
that set us free from tyranny
its obvious that gods hand was upon us Spiritually
Blessing the Marines Navy Airforce Army for serving
we owe them our lives for assuring our securities
Verse 1
This is for the freedom that our Grandfathers fought for
from the revolution all the way to the Iraq War
I'm here to celebrate their lives, praise 'em baby not mourn
time to elevate e'em lift them up on a platform.
Thank you to the average avery day citizen 
for joining hands together and restoring whats been given.
It felt like we were losin it were pullin it back in again the enemies of freedom 
will not steal it when were passing it.
and when were dead and gone our children will look back on it and say 
their parents were, biulding blocks in this establishment
I love this country with my heart attracted like a magnet this countries an experiment its not an accident
It didnt happen just like that
Chourus x2
add on to Chourus; God please send your angels to protect this countries soul
    Gaurd us from all evil that is prowlin around the globe
Verse 2
IU love this country I'd never apoligize for it.
Man I'd die for it before i stick a knife toward id,
guess its pride kinda sorta but I kinda get disoriented 
when I hear them pourin lies on us, like were 4 years old
but the ones among us who still love this country with minds hearts and souls
will assure our children that the true stories told
and we'll keep the faith for this nation 
trickle down through the ages and a new generation of patritism will emerge and then they can
make it a better place and then they'lle pave the way for their kids to reclaim it
Chourus x3
Blood shed, brave men paved the road thank them when you see them they can 
be awarded amen, Vietnam Sipan Battle of the Bulge and Pearl Harbour Japan
can you imagine I cant. Next time you see our flag wavin in the wind.
Just know its because of all the bloodshed and brave men
who went before us just to give us what we have today its them who deserve to be rewarded not these Hollywood events
Its them who are important. Its them who are the vets
All of the Armed forces seving currently or then
We'll always be in debt
to you your pain has set
us free from total Tyranny we'll lay you all to rest.
Chourus x4

Sorrowful Passion

 I am the sinner , make me the target, I shouldve been the one that was hangin on the cross. 
Whip me on my back and impale me in the jaw, Kick me and attack me and tripme when I walk.
Treat me like a murderer treat me like an animal treat me like a fibber cheater stealer and a cannibul.
Put me in his shoes let me strap on those sandals, I deserve that treatment, not him what a scandal.
I deserve my garmets to be ripped right off my sores, 
my head shouldve been the one that bleed when they crowned me with those thorns,
I deserve that whipping til' I fell to the floor, my side deserves the piercing of that wicked sword.
Listen I am over qualified to get all that and more and it would be justified I'm guilty to the core.
I gossip hold grudges and Im quick to shut the door Im selfish and Im not content Im always wantin' more.
Ya Im overqualified you should nail me to that board, I shouldve been the one that was underneath the thorns
Im worthy of it certianly deserving of the scorn
but he did it for me he took it from me he is Jesus he is Lord.
I'm not gonna let your pain go to waist
not gonna let you die in vien you opened up the gates for me 
and broke away the chains and left me with directions 
Im not gonna lose my way no matter how my road is paved
The Devils shootin bullets at me but I know they will graze 
cuz I got you on my side you said do not be afraid
I promise that I'll get to heaven, I'll make it their one day
I'm not afraid to show my love cuz I know you did the same.
2nd Verse
I owe you 2 IOU's 
the first one when you died for me so essence I will die for you.
2nd when you gave me life so I'll lay my life on the line for you
I will fight for you and be a knight for you.
I will stand up to anybody who says your name in vien
I'll stand down if they are makin fun of me.
Ill stand back and hand over the reigns
to you so you can take me the way that you want me to go
where only you know stairs to new road higher up then here wo
Here we go let me pass over the steering yoke you are in control 
you are my hero. You pick me when I am down
You are my lost and found you lift me up when I am layin on the ground 
and untie me when I'm bound. You are the medicine 
and remedy that I need how
will I ever pay you back I'm sayin this kneelin down.
So listen to this beat, the lyrics and the sound.
This is really all that I can give to you right now.
Wait a minute Jesus, let me make a vow
I promise that I'll be with you one day, Im heaven bound
Chourus x2
3rd Verse
Help me forgive
Others when they sin, agianst me and accuse me when I'm innocent
You did it I wanna be like you when the whole world wieghed down on you and you didn't
Lift one finger to anybodie fists, They spit in your face and you didn't even grit
your teeth and they kicked you and whiped you in the skin
They striped and hit you still you forgive
Them for they know not what they were doin, you loved every last one them, they were human.
They killed theyre own God but none of them knew it.
How can I be more like you I'm just a ruin.
But that is why you died for me you opened up my eyes to see
that closin them is probably not a good idea if Im trying to be like you.
This life is just and oddysey your on, I'm on it too. 
Our time is like a book we're just pagin through
and the authour of the story is the man that gave us truth'
He saved our lives by layin down his life today for you
So let me make a statement a two word phrase to use on behalf of this whole universe
Thank you.

Fallen Soldiers

Fallen Soldiers

November 10, 1981 Jason was born a new day has begun

an American boy, you can see that he was

brown hair brown eyes with a high and tight cut

Red, white and blue ran deep in his blood

His destiny set, a Marine he’d become

His mom just held him and stared at him love

filled in the air, an American son


He was all boy you could see it in his toys,

guns, trucks, G.I. Joe stuff

cowboy boots and guitar with the drums,

bloodstains on a shirt a rip in his rug

He was all boy from his scrapes to his cuts,

A soft spot for his mom but he was so tough,

He never got pushed and he never pushed once

He knew how to fight but he'd rather show love.

Middle school high school came and it went. The friends that he had blew away in the wind

A dream that he had was about to begin a leader of Marines

safe place to be in

Three months later he was done with Boot Camp

he was the town champ he was a new man

Scio New York, did a USA chant but soon he'd be a target for the Al Qaeda to shoot at




No greater love has a man,

than to lay his life down for his fellow man

Fallen soldiers 2x

Unsung Heroes 2x


Six months later, Fallujah Iraq

he was on the front lines to lead the attack

It was coming alive that dream that he had

right in front of his eyes he would never look back

His mom would remember and never forget

his first day of school he was 6 1/2

He was so excited for kindergarten class

His mom took a picture with him in his backpack

She watched as he walked down the driveway

I love you mom, blew a kiss and he waved

It made her sad because he grew so fast but in the back of her mind she knew he'd come home safe

She couldn't say the same this time there was pain

The same little Jason that spelled his name with the backwards J,

was the same little Jason left that day but his haircut changed

He was out on patrol leading his men

Undercontrol defeating the enemy

Pleading with God to get even with them

Suddenly a grenade was seen in the sand

Jason followed his instinct and prayed

and placed his helmet on top of it

then he laid on his helmet

He gave his life so they could live another day




Bethesda Hospital nine days later his parents at his side while he just laid there

American flags and thank you banners lined the halls of the schools with lanyards,

that the little girls made

They were in third grade they were the reason Jason had laid

his own life down so that they could be safe

He was the last to put them in the first place

The same little boy that spelled his name with the backwards J

was the same little boy that died that day

A real-life superhero he was not fake with a camouflage Cape

Jason just laid in his hospital bed

his mom cried tears they'd fall on his chest

His dad to the right and his siblings to the left

they were all there they were so proud of him

There's a special place in heaven for

troops like Jason yes for sure

Next to the Saints on the 17th floor

All of our vets who have died in a war

His mom just held him and stared at him love

filled in the air and American son he died in the same spot that he was born

in his mom's arms, he was home with the Lord