From the recording Crossing The Rubicon - Preview


Crossing the Rubicon

Yes I own it
It's just me I'm just broken
For holdin this back for so long
If I don't let it go then I know that I'll let it blow out both of my shoulders

Cuz I can't hold this any longer
And I can't hide who I am
And why I'm borderline
Jeckle and Hyde if I continue this lie then I will

Do me disservice
I've just deceived me as worthless
I just done seen me as purpose-less
I am done being insecure about not being perfect

And I've buried the past
But the truth will surface
Like it always does
And I won't be the one who gets to the end of his life without this

Mark my words it's
About time that I opened the curtains
Now I'm just hopin its worth it
Backlash and loathing are lurkin on the other side for sure if

When I let it all out
Will my heart be burning or be churning
From the overall response that I get
When I let it all surface and how will I word these words if

I don't even know where to start
And I don't even know what to say
Every person that I pass through in this journey of life should know this about me
This is my secret

I'm about to reach the point where I can't turn back
And everything inside me is telling me not to go and do somethin I might regret
And everything is starting to sound a little bit more sketchy
Than it ever did

This is not how I pictured it
What I had envisioned
was that I was gonna give 'em somethin genuine and real
But I never did

And its not that I didn't know
It's not that I doubted it
It's not cuz I didn't have the the clout
Or the courage to be proud
Of the fountain of truth that I found if
I could go back then I would
I'm drownin

In all these lies it's
A travesty that I've kept it silent
But I can feel that truth getting vibrant
And I'm about to explode if I hide it any longer If I had

A mission statement it would go something like this
If I get to the end of my life
And people didn't know that I was a Christian then I have failed
So no longer will this be a secret and so the story goes like this

Now I've reached the point where there's no return
And everybody in my life's path will learn
That you are the number one spot
Encourage me to have the nerve to go and spread your word

If you fed the birds than you will feed me too
And I have to understand that me and You
Is not somethin to be ashamed of
Excuse me for anything and everything I never did and didn't do

I had a secret
That secret's thrown in the trash now
It's just me I'm in the background
You're in the front seat take me from here
Everything's in the past now

Wow I didn't realize what freedom felt like
Til the chains crashed down

Why did I wrestle with this for so long
All I ever really had to do was tap out